Fossil Complete Set (73 Pieces)

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    100% Complete Fossil Set! Complete your museum! 73 Piece Set Includes:

    1x Acanthostega
    1x Amber
    1x Ammonite
    1x Ankylo Skull
    1x Ankylo Torso
    1x Ankylo Tail
    1x Anomalocaris
    1x Archaeopteryx
    1x Archelon Skull
    1x Archelon Tail
    1x Australopith
    1x Brachio Skull
    1x Brachio Chest
    1x Brachio Pelvis
    1x Brachio Tail
    1x Coprolite
    1x Deinony Torso
    1x Deinony Tail
    1x Dimetrodon Skull
    1x Dimetrodon Torso
    1x Dinosaur Track
    1x Diplo Skull
    1x Diplo Neck
    1x Diplo Chest
    1x Diplo Pelvis
    1x Diplo Tail
    1x Diplo Tail Tip
    1x Dunkleosteus
    1x Eusthenopteron
    1x Iguanodon Skull
    1x Iguanodon Torso
    1x Iguanodon Tail
    1x Juramaia
    1x Mammoth Skull
    1x Mammoth Torso
    1x Megacero Skull
    1x Megacero Torso
    1x Megacero Tail
    1x Right Megalo Side
    1x Left Megalo Side
    1x Myllokunmingia
    1x Ophthalmo Skull
    1x Ophthalmo Torso
    1x Pachy Skull
    1x Pachy Tail
    1x Parasaur Skull
    1x Parasaur Torso
    1x Parasaur Tail
    1x Plesio Skull
    1x Plesio Torso
    1x Plesio Tail
    1x Ptera Body
    1x Right Ptera Wing
    1x Left Ptera Wing
    1x Quetzal Torso
    1x Right Quetzal Wing
    1x Left Quetzal Wing
    1x Sabertooth Skull
    1x Sabertooth Tail
    1x Shark-Tooth Pattern
    1x Spino Skull
    1x Spino Torso
    1x Spino Tail
    1x Stego Skull
    1x Stego Torso
    1x Stego Tail
    1x T. Rex Skull
    1x T. Rex Torso
    1x T. Rex Tail
    1x Tricera Skull
    1x Tricera Torso
    1x Tricera Tail
    1x Trilobite

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  • This item is only for the time and effort of me gathering the items and materials to create this set. It is paying for my time only and is not meant to infringe on the copyrights of Nintendo or any other party.