Wreath Crafting Pack

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    Wreath Crafting Pack!  Includes all necessary materials to craft all wreaths!  Pairs well with our Wreath DIY set!


    77 item set includes:

    10x Apples
    10x Black Cosmos
    10x Black Lilies
    10x Black Roses
    10x Black Tulips
    10x Blue Hyacinths
    10x Blue Ornaments
    10x Blue Pansies
    10x Blue Roses
    10x Blue Windflowers
    10x Cherries
    10x Coral
    10x Cowries
    10x Earth Eggs
    10x Flat Mushrooms
    10x Giant Clams
    10x Gold Ornaments
    10x Gold Roses
    10x Green Mums
    10x Leaf Eggs
    10x Oranges
    10x Orange Cosmos
    10x Orange Hyacinths
    10x Orange Lilies
    10x Orange Pansies
    10x Orange Roses
    10x Orange Tulips
    10x Orange Windflowers
    10x Peaches
    10x Pears
    10x Pink Cosmos
    10x Pink Hyacinths
    10x Pink Lilies
    10x Pink Mums
    10x Pink Roses
    10x Pink Tulips
    10x Pink Windflowers
    10x Purple Hyacinths
    10x Purple Mums
    10x Purple Pansies
    10x Purple Roses
    10x Purple Tulips
    10x Purple Windflowers
    10x Red Cosmos
    10x Red Hyacinths
    10x Red Lilies
    10x Red Mums
    10x Red Pansies
    10x Red Roses
    10x Red Tulips
    10x Round Mushrooms
    10x Sand Dollars
    10x Sea Snails
    10x Skinny Mushrooms
    10x Sky Eggs
    10x Snowflakes
    10x Stone Eggs
    10x Summer Shells
    20x Tree Branches
    10x Water Eggs
    10x White Cosmos
    10x White Hyacinths
    10x White Lilies
    10x White Mums
    10x White Pansies
    10x White Roses
    10x White Tulips
    10x White Windflowers
    10x Wood Eggs
    10x Yellow Cosmos
    10x Yellow Hyacinths
    10x Yellow Lilies
    10x Yellow Mums
    10x Yellow Pansies
    10x Yellow Roses
    10x Yellow Tulips

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  • This item is only for the time and effort of me gathering the items and materials to create this set. It is paying for my time only and is not meant to infringe on the copyrights of Nintendo or any other party.