Mario & Shamrock Item Pack

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    Mario & Shamrock Item Pack!  Includes all of the items released with the version 1.8 update!

    49 Items Include:

    1x ? Block
    1x 1-Up Mushroom
    1x block
    1x block flooring
    1x blossom lantern
    1x coin
    1x Fire Flower
    1x floating block
    1x Goal Pole
    1x hinaningyo
    1x Lakitu's Cloud rug
    3x large Mushroom Platform
    1x Luigi 'stache
    1x Luigi hat
    1x Luigi outfit
    1x Luigi shoes
    1x Mario 'stache
    1x Mario hat
    1x Mario outfit
    1x Mario shoes
    1x mushroom mural
    2x pipe
    1x Princess Peach crown
    1x Princess Peach dress
    1x Princess Peach shoes
    1x shamrock doorplate
    1x shamrock hat
    1x shamrock rug
    1x shamrock shoes
    1x shamrock soda
    1x shamrock suit
    1x shamrock sunglasses
    1x shamrock wand
    1x Shell
    2x small Mushroom Platform
    1x Super Mushroom
    1x Super Star
    1x Thwomp
    1x Wario 'stache
    1x Wario hat
    1x Wario outfit
    1x Wario shoes
    1x Yoshi's Egg rug
    1x π pie

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  • This item is only for the time and effort of me gathering the items and materials to create this set. It is paying for my time only and is not meant to infringe on the copyrights of Nintendo or any other party.