Gyroid Item Pack

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    Gyroid Item Pack!  Includes all 36 gyroids!

    36 Items Include:

    1x Aluminoid
    1x Arfoid
    1x Babbloid
    1x Bendoid
    1x Bloopoid
    1x Boioingoid
    1x Boomoid
    1x Brewstoid
    1x Bubbloid
    1x Bwongoid
    1x Clatteroid
    1x Crumploid
    1x Dootoid
    1x Drummoid
    1x Flutteroid
    1x Jingloid
    1x Laseroid
    1x Oinkoid
    1x Petaloid
    1x Rattloid
    1x Ringoid
    1x Rumbloid
    1x Scatteroid
    1x Spikenoid
    1x Spoingoid
    1x Squeakoid
    1x Squeezoid
    1x Stelloid
    1x Thwopoid
    1x Tockoid
    1x Tremoloid
    1x Twangoid
    1x Wallopoid
    1x Whirroid
    1x Whistloid
    1x Xylophoid

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  • This item is only for the time and effort of me gathering the items and materials to create this set. It is paying for my time only and is not meant to infringe on the copyrights of Nintendo or any other party.