Gulliver + Gullivarrr Item Pack

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    Gulliver + Gullivarrr item pack!  Includes ALL Gulliver items/clothing and ALL Gullivarrr items!  (Pirate clothing not included)

    40 items include: 

    Gulliver Items:

    1x Dala Horse
    1x Hula Doll
    1x Katana
    1x Lucky Cat
    1x Lucky Gold Cat
    1x Moai Statue
    1x Monster Statue
    1x Nutcracker
    1x Pagoda
    1x Pyramid
    1x Robot Hero
    1x South Pole
    1x Sphinx
    1x Statue of Liberty
    1x Stonehenge
    1x Tower of Pisa

    Gulliver Clothing:

    1x Alpinist Hat
    1x Ancient Administrator Hat
    1x Candy-Skull Mask
    1x Coin Headpiece
    1x Elder Mask
    1x Geisha Wig
    1x Kaffiyeh
    1x Milkmaid Hat
    1x Pigtail
    1x Samurai Wig
    1x Silk Hat
    1x Sombrero
    1x Tam-O'-Shanter
    1x Tubeteika
    1x Turban
    1x Veil

    Gullivarrr Items:

    1x Pirate-Ship Cannon
    1x Pirate-Ship Helm
    1x Pirate-Treasure Chest
    1x Pirate Barrel
    1x Pirate Flooring
    1x Pirate Rug
    1x Pirate Wall
    1x Sideways Pirate Barrel

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  • This item is only for the time and effort of me gathering the items and materials to create this set. It is paying for my time only and is not meant to infringe on the copyrights of Nintendo or any other party.