Elegant Antique Bedroom Furniture Set

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    Elegant Antique Bedroom Furniture Set!  Includes antique furniture and several rare accessories!

    34 Piece Set includes:

    1x Anthurium Plant
    1x Antique Bed
    1x Antique Bureau
    1x Antique Chair
    1x Antique Clock
    1x Antique Console Table
    1x Antique Mini Table
    1x Antique Vanity
    1x Antique Wardrobe
    1x Aquarius Urn
    1x Autograph Cards
    1x Birch Flooring
    1x Birdcage
    1x Black-Crown Wall
    1x Cherry-Blossom Branches
    1x Deer Decoration
    1x Elaborate Kimono Stand
    1x Fan Palm
    1x Fireplace
    1x Floor Lamp
    1x Golden Dung Beetle
    1x Golden Gears
    1x Jolly Painting
    1x Leo Sculpture
    1x Lily Record Player
    1x Lucky Cat
    1x Monochromatic Wavy Rug
    1x Sagittarius Arrow
    1x Wall-Mounted TV (50 in.)
    1x Wooden Waste Bin
    2x Cushions
    2x Hanging Terrarium

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  • This item is only for the time and effort of me gathering the items and materials to create this set. It is paying for my time only and is not meant to infringe on the copyrights of Nintendo or any other party.